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4,78 EUR*
Details Loom-Bands-Friendship-Bracelet-Kit-600-Latex-Free-Bands-24-S-Clips

Includes 600 bands, Hook tool and 24 s-clips;Loom & Pick Tool.;Age 6+

29,88 EUR*
Details Titan-Tools-1090625Ft-Maband-Mehrfarbig

25 'x 2,5 cm bladeEasy, quick-read markingstough, schlagfestem Kunststoff caseergonomic gepolsterte Griffe für maximalen comforthands-free Arretierung

47,00 EUR*
Details SL-Pro-1-Bead-Blast-Hands-Free-Magnetic-Flashlight-Tin

Tool Logic Pro SL Serie Modell SLP1. Geschlossene Größe 9,7 cm. Kombi Typ Klinge 420 J2 rostfreier Stahl. Schwarz Zytel Bau. Riemen-Loch. Stahl-Clips. LED Magnet austauschbar.

72,31 EUR*
Details 2x-Kugel-Grillgrate-Radius-37-cm-145-Zoll-1-free-GrateTool

Grill Grate 2 Stk. für 37 cm Kugel inkl. Tool Die innovativen Grill Grates wandeln durch ihr einzigartiges Design die Wärme in Infrarot Hitze um. Außerdem wird durch das Design ein aufschlagen der Flammen verhindert. Dadurch werden Sie deutlich ...

97,36 EUR*
Details 3x-Kugel-Grillgrate-Durchmesser-47-cm-185-Zoll-1-free-GrateTool

Grill Grate 3 Stk. für 47 cm Kugel inkl. Tool Die innovativen Grill Grates wandeln durch ihr einzigartiges Design die Wärme in Infrarot Hitze um. Außerdem wird durch das Design ein aufschlagen der Flammen verhindert. Dadurch werden Sie deutlich ...

48,06 EUR*
Details 2x-Grillgrate-3492x1334-cm-1375-Zoll-x-525-Zoll-Set-1-free-GrateTool

Grill Grate 2 Stk. 34,95 x 13,34 cm. inkl. Tool Set Die innovativen Grill Grates wandeln durch ihr einzigartiges Design die Wärme in Infrarot Hitze um. Außerdem wird durch das Design ein aufschlagen der Flammen verhindert. Dadurch werden Sie deutlich ...

16,42 EUR*
Details Bakers-Tool-Kit-12Zoll-Herzen-geprgt-Nudelholz

Large Embossed Rolling (12") - Hearts, Comes in a resealable, scratchproof case to avoid damage when putting away after baking., Super non stick to ensure easy, fuss free rolling for pastry, ready to roll icing, dough and much more., The Super Non ...

4,66 EUR*
Details 32mm-universal-crevice-tool-to-fit-Argos-Value-vacuum-cleaners-by-Radvac

Fits all vacuums with 32mm attachments; Will fit most Argos Value range vacuum cleaners but please check size before ordering! ;FREE Delivery! ;If unsure or you require nay help call 01623 629788

16,42 EUR*
Details Bakers-Tool-Kit-12Zoll-Baby-Fe-geprgt-Nudelholz

Large Embossed Rolling (12") - Baby Feet, Comes in a resealable, scratchproof case to avoid damage when putting away after baking., Super non stick to ensure easy, fuss free rolling for pastry, ready to roll icing, dough and much more., The Super Non ...

26,02 EUR*
Details Laser-3307-3307-Wechselstromgenerator-M10

For use on Bosch alternators with free wheel pulleys. For use on Audi, BMW, Ford, Skoda, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. This two piece tool is ideal for dismantling and assembling the free wheel pulley whilst changing the alternator or pulley. The ...

16,14 EUR*
Details Laser-6087lwechsel-Kit-5-Stck

Essential service tool kit for hassle free oil change

46,05 EUR*
Details Dynabrade-56320Gewinde-Vakuum-Disc-Pad-Orange

Exclusive single-piece hub design reduces pad vibration and ensures smooth performance;Sanding Pad is perfectly weight-mated to Dynabrade tools, for achieving consistent swirl-free finishes;Compatible with Mesh Abrasive material;Dust-free sanding and ...

31,54 EUR*
Details Drupal-7-Primer-Creating-CMS-Based-Websites

Drupal 7 Primer: Creating CMS-based Websites A practical guide that gives readers an introduction to creating traditional websites, and shows readers how CMS systems make it easier. It covers free CMS tools, the pros and cons of free versus open ...

7,79 EUR*
Details Ranger-Mini-Tinten-Mischwerkzeug-1-Zoll-Rund-Synthetic-Material-Mehrfarbig-84-x-13-x-117-cm

RANGER-Mini Ink Blending Tool. Apply inks and other mediums to paper crafting projects mess-free. The mini blending foam attaches easily to the Mini Ink Blending Tool. This package contains two 3x1x1 inch mini blending tools and four 1 inch round ...

61,92 EUR*
Details Coronita-Rita-Bottle-Holders-Set-of-12-Blue-Version-Includes-Bonus-Free-Corona-Extra-Bottle-Opener-by-Corona

Made of Blue Plastic. Includes a Corona Extra Bottle Opener/Key Chain. One Per Purchase;Same tool used in the world-famous Chili's cocktail.;The CoronaRita is made by combining a 7oz (Coronita) Corona beer with a margarita.;For use with schooner and ...

18,28 EUR*
Details Laser-3404-Laser-3404-Lichtmaschinenschlssel-T50

Ideal tool for assembling and dismantling the free wheel pulley whilst changing the alternator or pulley on Bosch alternators.

65,23 EUR*
Details Camo-C345001-Marksman-Pro

Use with camo hidden fastening system;Tool used in conjunction with screws and bit;Provides a low cost, fastener free deck surface;For deck construction

22,46 EUR*
Details Neilsen-ct0678Zoll-Air-Cut-Off-Werkzeug-Rot

Cut Off Air-Tool 75mm (3in.) - Ø Luftverbrauch 5 -5 Cfm - Free Speed ??18000 Rpm - 1 / 4in. Bsp Lufteinlass

59,48 EUR*
Details Laser-4024-4024-Schlauchschellenzange-Lang

The extra long reach on this tool allows for the removal of plastic and/or metal self tightening hose clamps with diameters of 18mm-54mm (11/16"-2 1/8"). Pliers can be locked giving hands free operation.

23,52 EUR*
Details ZOKU-Zubehrset

Make unique pops fast with our easy-to-use tools. Neatly pour juice and make flavoured core pops (aka creamsicles), apply fruit slices and stenciled cut-outs or make pops with cool angles. The only limit is your imagination!Box Contains3 x Drip-free ...

28,38 EUR*
Details nuance-462220-Wine-Finer

This multi-purpose Nuance Wine Finer Flat Top will fast become your new favourite accessory. The drip-free pourer stopper decants, aerates and filters wine as you pour it into your favourite glass. Crafted in classic black; this waiter tool has an ...

19,44 EUR*
Details EVERBUILD-Mirror-Mate-Sealant-Adhesive-C3

Everbuild MIRROR MATE is a one part, chemically curing solvent-free sealant and adhesive combining t;UK's No 1 Hand and Power Tool Seller;BEST BRANDS AT BEST PRICES;Draper, Sealey, Bahco, Stanley and Much More..

98,00 EUR*
Details Laser-4323-Universal-Entriegelungswerkzeugsatz-12-teilig

For damage free, releasing of plug type connectors with folding handles/sheaths to protect the user and the fine precision tips. Blow mould case supplied with positional insert for easy identification of missing tools. For use on Ford, BMW, Mercedes ...

57,47 EUR*
Details Laser-4213-4213-Generator-Werkzeugsatz

A comprehensive range of tools for removing alternators and free wheel pulleys on most vehicles. Set includes M10 Spline x 1/2"D, T50 Star x 1/2"D for Bosch alternators, Hex 10mm | 8mm, Spline M8 | M10 and Star T40 | T50. Also included 1/2"D to Hex ...

10,99 EUR*
Details InterDesign-62175EU-York-Lyra-Toilettenpapierhalter-plus-fr-den-Splkasten-satiniert

easy, tool-free Installation - Just Hangs Over The Tank; beautiful Metal Design Shows Off Finish; HOLDS 2 Rolls of Toilet Tissue; Made Of Steel with Thermobond Rust Resistant Beschichtung; 6,75 x 4 x 9,75 Zoll

30,78 EUR*
Details Laser-4835Schraubenmutter-Stecknuss-54mm

Primarily introduced as a standard Hub Nut socket with extended depth for deeply recessed hub nuts. However the tool can also be used to adjust the free play in wheel bearings on Toyota Landcruiser 40/60/70/80/100 Series plus Nissan Patrol Y60/GQ/MQ/MK

4,21 EUR*
Details Komplett-KOMPAKT-Anhnger-Beleuchtung-Verkabelung-Kit-fr-dekorative-Deckenleuchte-Rosen

Wir haben diese preisgünstige Connector Kit nutzen Wago 's Tool Free Wiring-Terminals. Alles, was Sie brauchen, um durch die moderne Decke Junction Rose in einem praktischen Paket. Kombiniert patentierte Wago Dosenklemmen und Cage Clamp Technik macht ...

17,97 EUR*
Details Draper-49431-Klebeband-30-m-x-50-mm-wei

good-quality strong waterproof cloth tape with multiple uses. Sticks to almost any dry, grease free surface. Shrink wrapped in singles with label. All Draper tools are manufactured to high quality standards that are strictly controlled by our quality ...

22,46 EUR*
Details Siliconezone-SZ13KS-11864AA-Nudelholz-mit-Hello-Kitty-Silikon-Ring-Set

'A Useful tool for baking Lovers To concoct pastries, OR Roll Out Sugar Cookies, Uniform Thickness Ring, Product Dimensions 8 "X2.2" X2.2, non-stick, BPA Free, Dishwasher safe- Good for convenient and efficient Clean Up

26,95 EUR*
Details Beadery-Kunststoff-die-ultimative-Wonder-Loom-Mega-Kit

Beadery-The Ultimate Wonder Loom Mega Kit. Make the coolest rubber band jewelry with the mega kit! This 9-1/2x12x2-1/4 inch package contains two wonder looms, one HandyLoom, two pick tools, 100 pony beads, forty-eight clips, 1350 latex free rubber ...

53,24 EUR*
Details Laser-4590-Laser-4590-Schlagschrauber-12D

For removing stubborn bolts in hard to reach areas in the engine compartment such as pulleys etc, saving time as it avoids having to remove other parts. The tool is hit with a hammer, shocking the bolt free. Users need to wear eye protection and the ...

5,34 EUR*
Details Dovecraft-Essentials-Premium-Non-Toxic-Pigment-Ink-Pad-Natural

Perfect For Use With Embossing Powders And Heat Tools For A Premium Finish. Suitable For Use On Any Type Of Paper. This Package Contains One Ink Pad Measuring 3X1.75 Inches. Acid Free. Non Toxic. Conforms To Astm D4236. Imported.

6,79 EUR*
Details Viva-Decor-Modellierung-Creme-90g-Gold-andere-Mehrfarbig

VIVA DECOR-Modeling Cream. Create a shimmering mother of pearl effect on glass, stone, wood, canvas, ceramics, paper and more. Use free-hand or with a stencil to make beautiful images with a metallic 3D effect. Tools clean easily with just water. This ...

4,81 EUR*
Details 8-Colors-Spring-Assortment-Quilling-Paper-18-80Pkg-Q441

lake city craft quilling paper. brightly colored acid lignin free paper. use with a needle tool to wrap tightly and glue together for form intricate paper filigree. this package contains eighty 17in strips of 1 8in wide quilling papers. available in a ...

4,24 EUR*
Details Multicraft-Imports-Scrapbook-Gel-Stifte-schwarz-und-wei-andere-Mehrfarbig

MultiCraft Imports-Scrapbook Gel Pens: Black And White. These pens are the perfect journaling and marking tool for card making, scrapbooking and DIY projects! This package contains four 6 inch long gel pens in two colors (two of each color). Acid free ...

6,71 EUR*
Details 3L-E-Z-Runner-Permanent-Fine-Adhesive-49-Feet-1643

3L CORP-E-Z Runner Permanent Vellum Tape. The ultimate mounting tool for scrapbookers! This disposable runner dispenses any length of acid free double-sided tape in small pre-cut pieces which makes it perfect for large as well as small items for your ...

298,30 EUR*
Details Pierre-Petit-Herren-Armbanduhr-XL-Le-Mans-Analog-Automatik-Leder-P-802D

PIERRE PETIT LE MANS - Wonderful Automatic men's Watch 44mm. diameter. Very modern design. Possibility to change the black leather strap with a very nice first quality Brown nylon Nato strap (free of charge with the tool for interchanging). High grade ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Dewalt-DW1803Schaft-716Quick-Change-Dorn-fr-Lochsgen-1-14-Zoll-6

DW1810 offers tool-free quick-release collar to prevent hole saws from locking to the mandrel;DW1803 and DW1805 offer spring-loaded collar that automatically engages drive pins to prevent hole saws from locking to the mandrel;All quick change mandrels ...